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Inflatable Dock Shelter

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Stertil Dock Products Inflatable Shelters combine optimum sealing with the greatest possible variety of applications. The WI-Series comes with inflatable side and top seals to provide a virtually airtight contact with vehicles. This makes the inflatable shelter the ideal shelter for temperature controlled warehouses and distribution centres to seal against summer heat, winter cold, draught, dust and insects.

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  • Used in BREEAM Certified Projects
  • Optimal Temperature Management
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Airtight Sealing
  • Durable Materials

Customer Benefits

Making the difference

The inflatable  shelters are unique in their design, features and are ideal for cold storage and freezer facilities. Maximum flexibility for diverse vehicle sizes can be achieved with inflatable top and side cushions for virtually airtight sealing with every docking vehicle.

  • Inflation time ~15 seconds, deflation time ~20 seconds.
  • No obstruction of loading opening
  • Standard double guidance marking chevrons for correct positioning of vehicle
Inflatable Dock Shelter

WI or WIS inflatable dock shelter

Along with the WI, we offer the WIS in our WI series. This model combines an inflatable Cordura® top cushion with PVC or POWERFLEX® curtains for side sealing.

This makes the WIS an excellent choice for situations where a wide variety of vehicle heights are loading and unloading, such as singledecker and double-decker trailers.


Maximum flexibility with the WI-300 inflatable shelter. With inflatable sides and top, an airtight seal can be created around a wide range of vehicles. The WI Series covers all requirements for a strict climate management.


This model combines an inflatable Cordura® top cushion with PVC or POWERFLEX® curtains for side sealing. This makes the WIS-300 an excellent choice for situations where a wide variety of conventional articulated vehicles and double decker vehicles are loading and unloading


  • WI
  • WIS

Interlock Operation System

The dock shelter can be positioned perfectly using the control buttons on the control box. For the WI-Series 2 different control boxes are available depending on the number of dock products that need to be controlled.

There are several advanced control options which provide additional functions such as door control, leveller control, automated interlock to prevent operation when the dock door is not fully open, and automatic door closure locking until the leveller has been parked correctly.

Sturdy Construction and durable materials

  • Aluminium frame, with 40 mm insulated sandwich panels in Light Grey finish (RAL 7038)
  • Top and side protection curtains made from heavy-duty PVC 
  • Standard protection curtain colour: black with white guidance markings 
  • Finished with aluminium profiles

An inflatable shelter that last a life time

powerflex curtain logoThe WI Shelter is also suitable for special applications such as sea containers, extra POWERFLEX reinforcements on the contact surfaces protect against wear. Furthermore, POWERFLEX interior curtains can be installed for extra draught sealing of the gap between te trailer and the open trailer door. POWERFLEX ensures a long life span and high wear resistance. POWERFLEX interior curtains can be installed for extra draught sealing of the gap between te trailer and the open trailer door.

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Dimensions - Inflatable Shelters

Standard Dimensions WI-Series WIS-Series
A. Outside Width 3500 mm or 3700 mm 3500 mm or 3700 mm
B. Outside Height Platform Model 3600 mm or 4000 mm 3600 mm or 4000 mm
Ground-Level Model 4700 mm 4700 mm
C. Projection 815 mm 915 mm and 1015 mm
D. Height of inflated Top cushion 1350 mm or 1750 mm 1350 mm, 1750 mm, 
1900 mm and 2300 mm
E. Width of inflated side cushion 700 mm 675 mm (side curtain)

Fully personalized and Custom Made

The WI or WIS can be supplied with numerous options and extras. The inflatable dock shelters can be fully personalized and custom made upon request to fit every docking situation. With high density bumpers for the side panels, extra protection prevents damage to the shelter, leveller and wall.

Production Inflatable Dock Shelter

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