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A flexible solution with Optimum Sealing

Cushion Dock Shelters

The Stertil T-Series Cushion Shelters are one of the best available products for loading bays where insulation is required for optimum climate control and energy-saving. The cushions are fixed on galvanised steel back plates and therefore suitable for use at locations with strict environmental requirements. The T-Series Cushion Shelters can be custom-made for every dock situation.

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  • Used in BREEAM Certified Projects
  • Ideal for Cold Storage and Freezer Facilities
  • Optimum Sealing
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Universal Solution
  • Extra Durable and Optimum Damage Protection

Operational features

Durability according to BREEAM standard

Extra durable and optimum damage and safety protection due to armoured sections on the front side of the cushions with yellow positioning markers.

The sustainability certifcate from the Dutch Green Building Council- BREAAMis based on the excellent results for air infiltration and thermal insulation. Stertil Dock Products Dock Shelters are frequently used in BREEAM certified projects.

Stertil Dock Products Cushion Shelter

Effective and Durable

Stertil cushion dock shelters are made from top-quality materials.The combination of an aluminium frame and strong reinforced  FOAM cushions results in a very effective structure that will last for decades.

For loading and unloading narrow vehicles there are optional bevelled cushions available for bridging the gap between the vehicle and door opening.



TI-Series cushion seals with inflatable top airbag are recommended where vehicles are docking of various heights.The T-Series offers optimum damage and  safety protection with the armoured sections on the front side of the cushions. 


TP Cushion Shelters are the best option when trucks are approximately the same size. TP cushion shelters provide a seamless fit and are ideal for cold storage and freezer facilities. The foam cushions with 98% compression recovery remain flexible even at low temperatures.

  • TI-Series
  • TP-Series

TP-Series Cushion Shelter

The TP-Series Is ideal when vehicles of the same width and height need to dock. The Cushion shelter provides a seamless fit and is a universal solution for a variety of vehicles. With the bevelled option an even wider range of narrow vehicles can dock with a proper seal.

  • Extra hygienic: standard zinc-coated steel back plate with chemical and mold-resistant materials.
  • Durable cushion coating vinyl PVC or POWERFLEX® for long life

TI-Series Cushion Shelter

When vehicles of varying heights need to dock, the TI shelter with inflatable top cushion and a maximum reach of 1350 mm is the perfect solution. For extra durability and long life, the inflatable top cushion is made from wear-resistant Cordura® material.

  • Inflation time ~15 seconds, deflation time ~20 seconds.
  • Easy to operate
  • Optimum protection of the shelter cushions by use of high quality and robust aluminium sandwich profiles and PVC curtains


powerflex logoThe TP-Series can be installed with the standard PVC curtains or with the optional POWERFLEX Curtains. POWERFLEX ensures a long life span and high wear resistance. In applications such as sea containers, extra POWERFLEX reinforcements on the contact surfaces protect against wear. 

Dimensions - Cushion Shelters

Standard Dimensions TP-Series TI-Series
A. Overall Width 2800mm to 3100 3500mm
B. Overall Height 2600mm to 3200 3600mm
C. Height of top Cushin 300mm  
D. Projection of top Cushion 270mm  
E. Width of Side Cushion 300mm 300mm
F. Projection of Side cushions 270mm 270mm
G. Projection of top panel   650mm
H. Height of inflated top cushion   1350mm

Environmental Control

The Stertil T-Series Cushion Shelters are the best available option for loading bays where environmental control is important. The cushions are fixed on galvanized steel back plates and therefore suitable for use at locations with strict environmental requirements.

Cushion Shelters

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