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Van Hybrid Dock Shelter

In the rapidly growing market of on-line services, parcel service companies are distributing a vast amount of goods 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year from dedicated and specialised logistics hubs. Often a beehive of activity where speed is of the essence and a specific dock solution is required that aids in the loading and unloading process.

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  • Used in BREEAM Certified Projects
  • For Continuity of Expedition
  • Perfect Docking - Van Doors 180 degree Opening
  • Weather Protection
  • Open Aspect Design with a Third Eye

Perfect Docking - 180!

The WSTP Van Hybrid Dock Shelter is specifically designed for city vans that have doors which open flush with the sides 180 degrees for optimum loading and unloading.

The custom-made design of the WSTP is strong and soft cushions provide a complete seal between the van and the door for energy efficiency within the warehouse without damaging the vans.

Van Shelter

Protection Against the elements

The WSTP Van Hybrid Dock Shelter has a roof for weather protection against wind and rain. Manufactured from, high quality performance materials resistant to chemicals for example, aggressive cleaning materials and diesel as well as mold caused by damp or wet conditions. The back plates of the WSTP are zinc-coated preventing corrosion.

The strong but soft foam cushions have 98 per cent compres­sion recovery. The flexible foam has a unique structure allowing the system to compress and recover in response to applied pressure; so firm and at the same time flexible preventing either damage to the dock shelter or the back of the van.

Open-aspect design with a third eye

The trapezium open-aspect design and the built-in recess in the top cushion, housing a rear-view camera, are two features assisting the van driver in aligning the van accurately onto the dock.

Van Bridge Plate Dock Leveller and WSTP Van Hybrid Dock Shelter

The Van Bridge Plate Dock Leveller and WSTP Van Hybrid Dock Shelter development is a safety solution for the parcel distribution industry. 

The Stertil Dock Products Van Bridge Plate Dock Leveller functions as a  "bridge" for safe and level access from the building to the vehicle reducing fall or trip hazards. Preventing industrial injuries and protecting warehouse personnel. It offers the following benefits: 

  • Maximum safety and minimum investment when there is a height difference between the building and vehicle.
  • Safe, ergonomic loading and unloading.
  • An ideal and flexible solution for buildings as both shelter and or leveller bridging plate can be mounted to the building (no need for construction work).
  • Bridge Plate Leveller is manually operated and easy to install and operate, it can be retrofitted at any time even if a WSTP Shelter is already in use.
  • Full access to the inside of vans with doors that open 180 degrees.


Complete Set or Stand-Alone

The Van Bridge Plate Dock Leveller is available as part of a set complete with the WSTP Van Hybrid Shelter or individually as a stand-alone leveller.

Available in two dimensions:

Van Bridge Plate Dock Leveller 1465:1400 mm platform width x 650 mm length.
Van Bridge Plate Dock Leveller 1445: 1400 mm platform width x 450 mm length.

There is also a Retrofit Kit, intended for loading bay docks that are already equipped with the WSTP Van Hybrid Dock Shelter.

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