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Sligro opts for Ergonomic Dock Levellers - the Netherlands

Wholesaler Sligro have invested in Ergonomic Dock Levellers

Sligro is one of the largest wholesalers (cash and carry) in the Netherlands providing a wide variety of goods to caters, restaurants and other retailers. For years Sligro have chosen Stertil Dock Products as their loading bay dock equipment partner.

Safety, Quality and Ergonomics are the aspects which bring Sligro and Stertil together. That’s why Sligro have invested in the ultimate Ergonomic Dock Leveller on the market. The P-Series. “Designed for Humans”, this premium leveller offers a smooth and impact-less transition from the loading bay to the vehicle and helps reduce work-related industrial impact injuries and thus absenteeism. Keeping your employees safe and fit.

Ergonmical Leveller

The Stertil Dock Products' P-Series Hinged Lip dock leveller offers superior ergonomics with the hinged lip which always maintains a horizontal position. With a dynamic load rating of 6 tons and an extensive range of platform sizes, the P-Series is suitable for use in almost any loading dock situation. It is especially suitable for pallet trucks with low level ground clearances and is also very suitable for use with 3-wheel forklift trucks.

Loading bays

Under the contract with building contractor Bouwbedrijf Van de Ven, we have also fitted the 33 loading bays for the 12,000 m2 Sligro facility in Breda, in south of the Netherlands and close to the Belgian border for their new delivery service.

These new loading bays comprise of Stertil Dock Products’ Curtain Shelters with reinforced PVC or POWERFLEX®- the WL Series, for maximum effectiveness, durability and flexibility. The collapsible aluminium frame prevents damage when vehicles are not correctly docked and has the flexibility to be fully customised. Excellent sealing with various vehicle sizes.

The very robust Stertil Dock Products PE (Polyethylene) Bumpers which help to prevent damage either to the building or to the vehicle were also fitted and are also available in an adjustable version.