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Dock solutions for cool-freeze warehouse Kloosterboer Lelystad - the Netherlands

Dock solutions for cool-freeze warehouse Kloosterboer in Lelystad

Commissioned by B-Built, Stertil has supplied dock equipment for the new building for Kloosterboer in Lelystad, the Netherlands, with the optimum dock system. Stertil has developed,  manufactured and installed 10 Dock Levellers, 11 inflatable Dock Shelters with movable bumpers and 10 Dock Doors.

Stertil has also supplied 5 other doors. These 80 millimetre thick interior and exterior doors have an insulation value of 0.6W/m2K due to, among other things, thermal bridge interrupters, additional seals and quadruple glazed windows. In this way Stertil make an important contribution to the BREEAM label “the Green building standard” for cool-freeze warehousing.

Stepped frame leveller

The levellers have a capacity of 8 tons and are suitable for loading and unloading all types of vehicles including reefers. The levellers have an extendable lip and hung in a stepped frame. Herman Cohen, Sales Manager at Stertil, explains: “These stepped frame levellers preserve perishable products that are supplied to the cool- freeze warehouse. It is important that they are only exposed to warm air from outside for as short a time as possible. With a Stepped Frame Leveller it is possible to dock with closed doors. After docking, the door of the warehouse opens first then hereafter will the doors of the truck open across the leveller. Finally, the leveller is then positioned on the  floor of the truck".

PE-M Movable Bumpers

At Kloosterboer  the docks have also been equipped with PE-M movable bumpers. These floor bumpers are very effective in combination with the Stepped Frame Levellers. "Because of the stepped frame construction, the dock bumpers are placed 20 centimetres lower", Cohen explains. “The advantage of PE-M bumpers is that they move up 28.5 centimetres above the mounting surface when a truck is docked. With these bumpers the truck driver can dock safely. With a foot movement he can lower the bumper again, so that he can load and unload".

Inflatable shelters

Stertil Dock Products inflatable shelters also play an important role in maintaining the temperature in the truck and the cool free warehouse. Cohen continues: “A few seconds before the doors are opened,  the Stertil  shelters inflate around the back of the truck. They follow the contours of the truck, so that virtually no air from outside can enter the cool-freeze warehouse or the truck. After the goods have been loaded or unloaded, the truck can only drive away when warehouse doors are closed and the shelter is withdrawn”.

Work completed

All work has now been completed and Cohen can look back on a successful project. At the same time, he also looks ahead: “We deliver a total docking solution, Superior Solutions, and we are continuously working to further develop our products based on our customers, providing even more valuable and differentiated product solutions.

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