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Stertil Group number 6 on the list of 100 best manufacturing companies in the Netherlands

12/16/2019 | News

Stertil Group B.V. has risen 7 steps at the Top 100 Manufacturing Companies of the Netherlands and holds #6 now. We are so proud and honoured to be within the top 10 manufacturing industries in the Netherlands.

Every year the magazine MT, in collaboration with CFI Netherlands, compiles an overview of the 100 best performing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands, with a turnover of up to 500 million Euros.

Now at number 6 from the previous position of 13 and coming from position 82 just five years ago is a truly amazing achievement. Focus on a clear strategy; continued investment in Research & Development; the optimisation of manufacturing efficiency as well as investment in expanding into emerging markets this combined with well-trained, experienced  and committed worldwide personnel. These are the main factors contributing to the Stertil Group’s success.

Proud but not complacent there are many challenges ahead due to the changing dynamics in the world economies and the Stertil Group are well aware that in order to further improve the Stertil Group’s performance it is essential to stay focused and on course and to continue to provide their industries with the best possible products and services they possibly can.