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Automatic Restraint for a Parked Swap Body Container

06/07/2022 | News

The COMBILOK® SWAP is an automatic restraint system that offers maximum safety and ultimate versatility. It secures a parked swap body container and it can also be used to restrain a commercial vehicle at the loading bay dock. 

Unauthorised pick-ups are now a thing of the past. The blocking arm of the COMBILOK® SWAP automatically extends when activated and brought into position. The COMBILOK® SWAP prevents vehicles from getting far enough under the swap body to reach the attachment points. Only when the system is deactivated, the swap body can be safely picked up. 

The system is patented by Stertil Dock Products, and is TÜV approved according to EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Standard sound alarm and visual safety signals during activation and deactivation ensures absolute visibility and safe guidance for the shunter. The COMBILOK® SWAP can be activated inside the warehouse building or DC by trained warehouse personnel. 


Also an Automatic Vehicle Restraint System

Except securing a parked swap body container, the COMBILOK® SWAP can also be used as an automatic vehicle restraint system for commercial vehicles. The restraining height is up to 350 mm. 

On the control panel in the warehouse it is easy to switch from swap body containter protection to commercial vehicle with trailer protection. Making the COMBILOK® SWAP suitable for many different fleets to load an unload on the same dock.

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