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Demonstrating Safety and Efficiency at LogiMat, Stuttgart 2017

03/16/2017 | News

Demonstrating the specially designed parcel & courier services WSTP VAN HYBRID DOCK SHELTER.  A shelter solution which has caused ripples in the market and many multinational parcel courier companies as well "on-line" internet companies now have the Stertil Dock Products Van shelter at their distribution hubs. Other suppliers have tried to follow our product lead, the difference is that the Stertil Dock Products shelter offers total security; the opening is completely sealed-off preventing unlawul entrance to the warehouse or the back of the van protecting your valuable freight. For an even more air-tight insulation solution, the van shelter is available with an extra inflatable top seal. 

                          Van Dock Shelter with inflatable top seal         

Looking for a complete S.H.E. solution the combination of an Inflatable WI dock shelter with side and top inflatable seals for both single and double decker trailers, combined with a Stepped-Frame X-Series leveller with telescopic lip and to prevent accidents offers the most safe, healthy and environmental configuration. The WI shelter ensures minimum temperatur fluctuations and the Stepped-frame leveller allows the docking without opening the trailer doors. The telescopic lip ensures a perfect bridge between the floor of the trailer and the warehouse floor.

 Stertil Verladetechnik Logimat 2017, Stuttgart

Putting the block on accidents the legendary COMBILOK® Vehicle Restraint System. Preventing miscommunication between the driver and warehouse staff by restraining the vehicle until the forklift truck driver has finished loading or unloading the freight.

COMBILOK household name in dock safety