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Vehicle Restraint System - COMBILOK®

Vehicle Restraint System

Prematurely driving away from the dock while the truck is still being loaded or unloaded or vehicle “creeping” is not uncommon. A vehicle restraint can help prevent accidents and miscommunications between the driver and the warehouse personnel.


Accessories - Part of the system

Besides creating a more efficient loading and unloading loading bay, Stertil Dock Products accessories also improve the safety during the loading process. Accessories such as the PE bumpers and the wheel guides extend the life cycle of the loading bay equipment such as the shelter and leveller but also prevent damage to warehouse buildings.


Stertil dock lights clearly illuminate the inside of the docked vehicle so that goods and obstructions can be seen.


Good visibility helps reduce accidents and assists in manoeuvring trucks whilst loading/unloading.

The Stertil Dock Products PE bumper has proven to be an ideal solution for the most severe situations.


The construction is unique: a galvanised back plate with cushioning strips and a polyethylene front pad that covers the fixings.


Stertil Dock Products traffic lights increase safety during loading and unloading by providing positive control of vehicle movements.


The lights can be linked to the loading bay door, so that when the door is opened, the red light is activated. Alternatively they can be linked to a sensor, or can be controlled from an integrated control panel.

Stertil Dock Products wheel guides help to prolong the life of dock shelters by reducing off-centre or oblique pressure from vehicles and guide vehicles safely into the docking bay.


The flared entrance of our wheel guides ensure less wear or damage to vehicle tyres than the sharp edges usually found on concrete guides.  Manufacured from durable galvanised steel.

P-Series - Ergonomical leveller

Ergonomical leveller

The design of the P-Series Swing Lip Leveller, significantly reduces vibration and noise to ensure a smooth loading and unloading process to minimise the physical impact on personnel and equipment.

  • Reduce damage to goods
  • Reduce damage to handling equipment
  • Prevent injured personnel 
  • Ideal for pallet trucks with low levels of ground clearance


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