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Cool and refridgerated food storage

Temperature Control & Insulation

Climate Control & insulation is very important in any warehouse where the temperature of the goods needs to be kept constant. We have been developing a range of products to tackle the issues related to insulation.

Stepped Frame

stepped frame dock

Docking without opening doors....the Stepped Frame is the most advisable solution for keeping the warmth or the cold out of your warehouse. This not only makes the docking process faster, but also guarantees that the temperature in the warehouse does not fluctuate.

The Stepped Frame also contributed to keeping stock hermetically sealed and not exposed to external factors like, dust and insects, offering the most optimal seal between the vehicle and the warehouse.

Cool Chain

1. Docking with closed doors 2. Activate the shelter 3. Open warehouse doors 
4. Extend lip to cover gap 5. Open trailer doors 6. Position leveller

Telescopic Lip Leveller

Telescopic Lip Leveller

The Stertil Dock Products Telescopic Lip Leveller the X-Series is mounted behind the dock door meaning that there is no gap between the docked vehicle and the warehouse floor.

For more information on the Stertil Dock Products Telescopic Lip Leveller the X-Series:

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Vehicle Restraint System

The COMBILOK vehicle restraint system is not only the safest option on the market in order to prevent miscommunication between drivers and warehouse personnel, it also provides a valuable contribution to your overall goal of energy efficient logistical solutions for loading bays across the various industries and regardless of the stock you are handling. 

Airtight seal with the Inflatable Shelter

Inflatable dock Shelter

An Inflatable Shelter the Stertil Dock Products WI-Series Shelter,  is the premium solution with inflatable side and top seals to provide a virtually airtight seal with the docked vehicle.

This makes the inflatable shelter the ideal shelter for temperature controlled warehouses and distribution centres to seal against summer heat, winter cold, draught, dust and insects. The WI-Series covers all requirements for strict climate management. 

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Whether the weather is cold or whether the weather is hot.. Stertil Dock Products!

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