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Number of Loading Docks

When determining the required number of loading docks,we recommend that you consider a range of factors that may  influence both your current and future building requirements.
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Traffic Scheduling

Loading dock

Capacity and traffic scheduling are important factors to take into consideration. Ask yourself the question: how many vehicles are likely to be loading and unloading simultaneously. Often, the peak times at distribution centres and hubs occur in the mornings and in the evenings.

Finding the balance between enough loading bays to cope with the peaks but at the same time avoiding too many empty loading bays during the off-peak times.

Goods In and Goods Out

Many companies rely on separate loading bays for receiving and despatching goods. Frequently, these loading bays are located on different sides of a distribution centre to allow the smooth processing of goods in and goods out. This scenario also needs to be considered when deciding upon the number of required loading bays.

Processing of Goods

Loading dock

Do different goods need different handling? Consider the expedition flow: processing activities, such as sorting, packing or labelling and where these activities should take place. It is advisable to have a sufficient number of loading bays to prevent internal handling equipment having to transport goods over long warehouse distances, or even at different locations within the distribution centre. This can easily be solved by positioning loading bays as close to the goods processing areas as possible.

How Many Loading Bays Do I Need Now and in the Future?

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